DANCE ALL YEAR LONG KOKKOLA is looking for 2 dance projects for 2020

DAYL KLA is offering two residencies during the year 2020 in the city of Kokkola for two dance artists. We encourage artists to apply who are:

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG is a customizable residency program for guest dance artists created by LOCATION X ( The program can travel to different cities and countries. First edition took place in 24 different venues for 25 professional dance artists in Odense, Denmark, between July 2018 and June 2019. Second edition will happen in 12 different venues for 12 different dance artists in Kokkola, Finland, between January and December 2020, the celebratory year of the city's 400th birthday. Finnish dance artists Taneli Törmä & Eleni Pierides (LOCATION X) are the project leaders and curators for Kokkola 2020 residencies. They will select and connect each individual guest artist with a local collaboration partner/venue.

Project idea

During a period of 12 months, DANCE ALL YEAR LONG KOKKOLA presents versatile dance projects in different kinds of venues for different kinds of audiences. Every month through the whole year, DAYL KLA offers the local community free presentations, workshops and artist talks – thus presenting the diversity of dance & choreography today. The aim is to research through questions and try, how it would feel and what kind of impact there would be if in a city such as Kokkola there would be a professional dance environment the whole year long. Each presentation and related workshops are free of charge for the audience.

DAYL KLA is now looking for two dance projects for 2020

  1. Kahvila Saha (a unique arts café) in 18-30th of May 2020
  2. Kokkola City Theatre, Katariinan Kamari, in 7-18th of December 2020

Local collaboration partners / venues offer:

DAYL KLA will offer for guest artists:

Guest artists will cover:

As part of their project the artist will offer

Please send your CV and max. 1 page proposal with subject name ”Proposal DAYL KLA 2020”, before the deadline 30th of September to Taneli Törmä:

If you have questions, please write to to Eleni Pierides:

DEADLINE Monday 30th of September at 16:00 (EET/CET+1)


Kahvila Saha: 18-30th of May 2020

Kahvila Saha offers many options for how and where to conduct the work. Workroom is in public space.

Café is open daily 11:00-22:00 and during some evenings, there can be other culture events. With respect to the customers and other artists who are working there, the artists can choose their own working hours.

Travel days 17. & 31. of May
Presentation and artists talk: Saturday, 30th of May at 15:00
​The cafeteria and its many terraces is facing the sea.


Kokkola City Theater: 7.-18th of December 2020

This residency and dance project will be the final one of the year. Please remember that DAYL KLA will offer the work space, but no technical help.

Katariinan kamari:

Travel days: 6th and 19th of December.
​Presentation and talk TBA